Sandblast 2012 Entertainment and Activities

You wanna race cars?

You wanna party hard?


We may be serious racing legends during the day, but at night…. Well… let’s just say that we know how to party, and we know how to party hard!

Over the long weekend we have some awesome night entertainment including a new version of boat racing, classic tighty whity and wet t-shirt, and a heap of NEW games which are all MA15+ rating! There are some awesome prizes to be won and a lot of partying to be done!!

This year we are also holding an OFF SITE ACTVITY! Yes ladies and gentleman, for those who want to do something a little different, and don’t want a mouth full of dust then come along with us on a WINE TOUR! Not just any wine tour, once we are all warm and fuzzy and have our pockets full of wine bottles, we will be having lunch at the BAROSSA BOWLAND AND PUTT PUTT. Show off your skills, as I am sure they improve after a good drop of red! For more info head to the ticket section to get your ticket! LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE!

Also, this year we will be having a heap of day time activities, and have some awesome prizes!! We will be holding the classic Iron Rover, and many other new games that you’ll all love, and likely have to shower afterward!!

Come along to this AWESOME event and let’s get the party started!!