Motorsport Important Information

So as both the SMCSA and Sandblast committee are gearing up for another fantastic event at Walky Park, we are now taking entries for drivers to enter into the event. This year we are looking at doing just as many tests and drives as we did last year (1382 to be exact). At this point we would implore you to make your buggies up to scratch and anything that needs to be fixed, fix it with the due diligence that is required. This is one of the longest events we run, and if buggies aren’t in top working order, they will break.
In addition to the Sandblast entry fee, each driver/navigator will be required to pay an extra $40 each for driver fees.

As for forms, this year you will be required to fill out SA Branch’s A4M form  which will be taken at the gate when entering the property. Further to this you will need to fill out a competition entry form. These forms need to be filled out in their entirety, or they will not be accepted. This includes CAMS licence numbers, and Scout Membership numbers. Cams numbers can be found by contacting CAMS on 1300 883 959 and scout membership numbers can be obtained by contacting your states Headquarters.

You will be required to show the SMCSA organising committee your CAMS licence; otherwise you will not be able to compete.

If you do not know where it is, please contact CAMS BEFORE the event and they will send you out a temporary licence. Remember – NO LICENCE, NO COMPETING. If your licence is going to expire, or has already expired before the 29th of September, 2012, you will need to renew it.

You can either do this online at then scrolling down to Auto Test and clicking on RENEW LICENCE under either Junior (under 18) or Full Licences (Over 18). If you don’t know your CAMS log on details, please contact CAMS. If you have never had a CAMS licence before, you must get one before the event, as we cannot issue them at the event. The Link above will take you to the CAMS licence page, scroll down and click on application form to obtain your licence. Remember, if this is all done before the event, it will make everything run a lot smoother for everyone.
One last note. You must ensure that their buggies meet both CAMS regulations, as well as RSMSA’s standing Regulations and Sandblast Sup Regs, which both can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding buggy builds and regs, please contact our technical officer at
Callan Bray
RSMSA President

Technical Information

Rover Scout Motorsport (SA Branch) Standing Regulations can be downloaded from the Rover Scout Motorsport (SA Branch) websiteOpens in new window.

Please note that these are supplementary to the CAMS regulations. These can be downloaded from the CAMS websiteOpens in new window. There are also a set of Sandblast-specific supplementary regulations. You will find the sup-regs in the entry pack below.

Entry Forms

Just download the entry pack, fill it out and get it back to us. So if you want to race, download this! You will find it below.

For any technical questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help you to the best of our abilities to get your vehicle competing at Sandblast.

Track Marshals

Every competing Crew is expected to provide at least two Track Marshals for the event. Whilst it sounds like work, it’s actually putting you in the best seat of the house… right on the track up and close to all the action. You do not need any training for this role, however you can get this accredited for further CAMS training if you’d like to get more involved!

Campsite Vehicle Restrictions

Only vehicles with physically attached sleeping and/or cooking facilities are allowed to remain in the campsite for the duration of the weekend and must be in the campsite by 10pm Friday night and must not leave until 6am Monday morning. These vehicles must not be moved during this time.

Physically attached does not include a vehicles tow bar to a trailer, camper trailer or caravan, these must be detached from the towing vehicle unless the towing vehicle also has physically attached sleeping and /or cooking implements or vice versa. A vehicle remaining in the campsite for the sole purpose of powering electrical devices is not allowed.

Physically attached is classed as being bolted, screwed or otherwise permanently attached to a vehicle, this does not include being strapped or tied to a vehicle.

Vehicles including/but not limited to; utes, wagons, sedans, hatchbacks, vans, people movers, trucks, trailers, that do not have physically attached sleeping and/or cooking facilities are ‘unauthorized vehicles’. These vehicles are not to be left in the campsite even if being used to sleep in or on, or being used as storage, but may be used for these purposes if parked in the car park.

All unauthorized vehicles must be removed from the campsite by 10pm Friday night and are not to return to the campsite until 6am Monday morning. No Exceptions.

If in the case of an emergency and a car does need to be removed from the campsite during the designated times, it must be only done with the specific permission of the Sandblast Chairperson.

Any breech of these rules may result in the physical removal of vehicles from the camp area or removal of persons from the event without refund.

The Sandblast Committee reserves the right to alter, remove, add or override rules without notice.