Sandblast 2013


Sandblast 2013 will be held on 4th to the 7th of October 2013.

How do I get involved?

Buy a ticket, get some awesome t -shirts, mugs and then head to Sandblast 2013

Where is Sandblast 2013?

Walky Park, just a bit outside of Blanchetown.

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I'm a Venturer. Can I come?

You sure can! Sandblast is a great weekend away where you get to watch off-road buggy action, as well as participate in non-motorsport activities that happen throughout the weekend! It's also a great chance to get to know Rovers from all over the State and even Interstate!

Please make sure that you have the appropriate paperwork completed before arrival. Please consult with your Venturer Leader regarding this.

Can Venturers drive buggies?

If you have your P plates, and a CAMS license, you are allowed to compete in a buggy! It's the same as if you were a Rover, for more information go check out the regulations section of this website.

Sandblast does not provide Units with buggies, so you need to either build or purchase your own buggy. It's a great Unit activity and a brilliant way to learn about mechanics. The other option is sharing or borrowing a buggy from another Unit/Crew. You will need to come to some form of agreement with that Crew or Unit; Sandblast Committee has nothing to do with this.

What is there for Venturers to do at night?

At this stage night time entertainment has not been confirmed. There will no doubt be a campfire each night. More information will come soon. If you have any ideas feel free to contact the Sandblast Committee, we're more than happy to hear from you! Stay tuned!

Can my non-scout friends come?

Unfortunately this is a Scouting event and only financial members of Scouts Australia will be allowed to attend Sandblast. However, there is an Open Day that your friends and family can attend. Then you can show them everything you get up to!

Facilities for Venturers

At this stage Units are to provide all their camping needs, much like a standing camp. As an alternative to catering, there is food available for purchase. Meals will be reasonably priced.

Flushing toilets and hot showers are availiable on site.